Bitcoin Gambling

Bitcoin Gambling

Bitcoin is also used in Gambling. For years, gamblers have been looking for ways around the US ban on currency deposits into known gambling web sites. Bitcoin just may be there answer.  Since the US Federal Government passed a law banning all US Bank accounts from depositing funds into a gambling website, gamblers have been playing a shell game with their money in order to get into an exchange that will allow them to easily deposit funds into their favorite online casino.  Now that the new alternative currency Bitcoin has hit the mainstream, Bitcoin gambling sites are popping up everywhere and the more popular gambling sites are beginning to accept Bitcoin for deposit.

For the US government to crack down on Bitcoin gambling sites they are going to have to take a strong stance against Bitcoin as a currency and even then preventing US citizens from using Bitcoin and or depositing Bitcoin into a gambling website will be a monumental task to say the least. The key ingredient of Bitcoin is anonymity. Users can buy and sell via Bitcoin without any one or any agency being able to trace their purchases. At least not easily trace them.

More and more Bitcoin casinos are popping up on the internet. These casinos take Bitcoin exclusively and payout in Bitcoin. The ability to accept and payout via Bitcoin is a huge advantage for Bitcoin casinos over traditional casinos. You can be that most governments will be looking for a way to either put an end to this loop hole or exploit it somehow to benefit them.

Here is a short list of some Bitcoin casinos online today:
Betcoin Sports
Bitcoin Video Casino
Satoshi Circle
Betcoin Circle
Coin of Midas
Bit Games

The list above is only a small sample of Bitcoin Gambling websites online today. The number of Bitcoin Gambling sites is growing daily as Gamblers are getting their fix from an alternative, hard to trace currency.

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