Bitcoins satoshi faucets: BitcoinOcean and SatoshiPlanet

Bitcoins satoshi faucets: BitcoinOcean and SatoshiPlanet

The many people surely heard about bitcoin-faucet Ethereum Ether. This faucet let to get the satoshi gratuitously. The developer of this project recently represented two new projects, which are created on the same runner. The periodicity of the satoshi’s distribution is 5 minutes on the first faucet and 13 minutes on the second faucet.

They are familiar with the Ethereum Ether on the principle of working. Therefore you could easily get the bitcoins. The all that you need to do for getting bitcoins is putting the tick in the form of the captcha’s inputting. The user will need choose sometimes the picture with the same subjects because of inbuilt protection against bots. How you could see, it will not be hard.

Bitcoin faucet BitcoinOcean

The first project is called BitcoinOcean. Here you could get the any number of bitcoins in the range since 35 till 1111667 satoshi. It depends only on the random quantity, which will come out to you. You could repeat the tries after the expiration of 5 minutes; this feature is the big advantage of such project against other faucets.

The profitable partner program also deserves the attention. You could get the 50% from the sum, which would earn by the invited referrals. So, you could earn money here actively by inputting the captcha and getting satoshi and, also, you could earn here passively by inviting users and getting on the own account the half of their income.

Bitcoin faucet SatoshiPlanet

The second project is called as SatoshiPlanet. The difference from the first project consists in the fact that the periodicity of the distribution is 13 minutes. However, it’s compensated by the wider range of the bitcoin’s distribution, since 80 till 81009 satoshi.

The result depends on the quantity, which come out to you as in the BitcoinOcean. The referral program here transfers the half of the income of the invited users. This variant is more appropriate for the owners of the blogs and sites, which have the big popularity.

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